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Collte's Spoon Devil Official Site

May.2.2011 - English version be released!(DLsite)
April.26.2011 - Open this Official Site!

Game Outline

"Collte's Spoon Devil" is a 2D COMBI ACTION GAME.
Fight off the evil Queen's hordes of assassins and monsters!
Use the keyboard to control Collte and the mouse to control the Spoon Devil.

This game features 7 stages, and each of those is playable in
3 different difficulty modes plus the unlockable Endless Mode (aka "Carnival Mode") and the mysterious ??? Mode.

Defeat the evil Queen, and win back Collte and the Spoon Devil's peaceful life!

System Requirements

Processor : 2.0Ghz or better
Memory : 1.0GB or better
Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 or later
DirectX9 or later
1024×768 Resolution and 32bit color
(Please be aware that meeting these requirements is NOT a guarantee that the game will work on your system.)

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